I get a lot of questions about upcoming releases, sequels, etc, so I decided to make this page of the most commonly asked questions lately. It will update so do check back if you’re wondering anything. I do my best to respond to all tweets and Facebook posts/messages I receive, but it’s not always possible, especially if I’m on a deadline. Lately, with coming close to my due date for my son, it’s becoming harder and harder to manage everything, so if I’ve sent you here, it’s not because I’m lazy, but due to my own lack of time and those deadlines.


When will the sixth book in The Mauve Legacy release? 
Your guess is as good as mine. I’m sorry. This is NOT the answer I want to give you, believe me, but here is why: 
– Other commitments, novel wise. I have to finish The Game series as I’m contracted with my publisher, also work on another before the end of the year, so we’re looking at four books there. Which is a task in itself without my son arriving next month.
– The characters aren’t there. This is, perhaps, the only reason you actually need. I know a lot of people think writing is easy and that we just sit and bleed words, but it’s not that simple. If the characters aren’t there, we can’t write. I can’t force a voice that simply isn’t there to chat to me. The guys from TML, they’re not there, and that means I can’t write. I know what happens, but they’re just not there. Why can’t I write? Because, under no circumstances will I put out a half-assed book that finishes the series just because it’s wanted. I have an obligation to the characters and the world I have created to give them the best possible finale to their story. 

I plan to revisit the series when I have some spare time to edit, rewrite, and complete it.


Who is the third book about and when will it release?
Abbi and Blake. Abbi is Maddie’s best friend from The Love Game, and Blake is a newcomer to the series. He’s British. 😉 It releases on March 27th, self-published if outside the Commonwealth. If you’re in the Commonwealth (excluding Canada) it’ll be published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Will there be any more books in The Game series?
After Abbi’s book, The Right Moves, there will be one more book. That book is titled WORTH THE RISK. Character will be announced soon.


What about Alec and Lexy in Never Forget? Was Holding On the end of their story? 
Yes. I never intended to write a book for them after Never Forget, so Holding On was a compromise. The second book, Always Remember, is available now, and is Jen and Bing’s story.

Will you write another book in TMS? 
I don’t plan to, no. I can’t say if in the future I might go back and write another, or even expand the current books, but it’s not on the cards right now.


Can I order signed copies of your books from you?
No. Being in the UK, it would cost me a small fortune to order books from the US. One day this may change, but right now, if you want a signed copy, feel free to message me and purchase one off of Amazon. As long as postage both ways (if outside the UK) is covered, I will be happy to sign your book for you.

Do you have review copies available? 
I keep my ARC files for reviewers even after the release. However, it’s unlikely I will hand them out unless you’re doing a big event on your blog. 

What about physical ARC copies?
No. I do not have these at all, and neither am I looking to get any in the forseeable future. Please, please take a minute to consider the costs of these to indie authors before you ask. Any books I do purchase, I do so for friends, family, or giveaways, and not to post halfway around the world. If you don’t have a Kindle or e-reader, then I do also get my eARCs in PDF format to be read on a computer. Which I assume you have, if you have a blog. 

I’ve just written a book. Will you beta read/read an ARC for me?
This is one of those *flaps from side to side* questions, and there’s no straightforward answer. 
First off, if this is a question you have for me, email me. Not Facebook, tweet, Goodreads… Email, please. Always email, because that’s the ONLY one of those I check and respond to religiously.
I love to read. Obviously. It’s what gave me my love of words in the first place. Unfortunately, loving it doesn’t always mean I have the time to actually do it. If and when I do, my first choice will always be a book I’ve had my eye on, is in a series I’m following, or I’m beta reading for a friend I’ve read for before. They are the only books I make strict time for – I write for work. I don’t intend to read for it, too.
That being said, I do love to beta read, but if you email me and ask if I can read your book right that second – for beta reading or as an ARC – the likelihood of me saying yes is very, very small. If you email me and ask if I can do it in a few weeks, I won’t commit, but I’ll give a maybe. I don’t know how busy I’ll be in a few weeks, so I can’t give a straight answer on that. Saying that, if you’ve emailed before and asked, if I have the time when you’re ready for it to be read, I’ll be more likely to respond that I can. 

And my personal favourite…

I’m a debut/new author. Will you help me promote my book?

God yes – but please don’t just send me a message on my Facebook fan page asking me this. (FYI, my email is on my Facebook page AND here on my blog. I’d actually prefer a message there… Professionalism and all.) 
I know what it’s like to be releasing your book into the world for the first time – it doesn’t get any easier – but a simple “Can you post a link to my fan page/blog/book?” WON’T cut it, guys. Sorry. 
If you want me to help promote your book, TELL ME ABOUT IT. Send me a Goodreads link, blurb it, at least tell me the genre. I cannot, in good faith, recommend/promote a book to my fans I know nothing about. I’m not saying send me a free book, just something about it. If it’s something I think my fans will be interested in, I’ll happily promote you or point you in the direction of people that can. I can’t help you if you don’t help me. All I need is a genre and a blurb. If I can’t help you, I know bloggers that will, but again, I have both professional and personal relationships with many bloggers and I won’t send them just anything. 
Some of my closest friends are also authors – established and new – so don’t be afraid to actually interact with me. I’ll be even more likely to help you then, even host you on my blog/Facebook, because we’ll have some form of a connection and I’ll feel like I’m helping out a friend. Like, seriously, you guys, I don’t bite or anything… (I leave that to my characters.)
But don’t connect with me as an afterthought. Honestly, talk to me first then ask me to help you. I’m wary of people who just pitch up with a “Help me?” mentality. 
These are my personal thoughts and not personal towards anyone. You wouldn’t buy a book you know nothing about, so please don’t ask me to promote one I know nothing about.

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